How to Create a Cost Estimate of a Software Project

Step 1: Figure Out the Client’s Expectations

Step 2: Figure Out the Client’s Budget

  1. A client will not be intimidated and frustrated by the final price of a project provided in an estimate
  2. A company will spend less time crafting an estimate and trying to come to a mutual understanding with a customer who was not ready to receive such a bill

Step 3: Use the Right Employee to Create an Estimate

Step 4: Include an Out-of-Scope Section in Your Estimate

Win a Client With a Well-Crafted Cost Estimate

  1. Find out client’s expectations
  2. Figure out client’s budget
  3. Get the most suitable employee to craft an estimate
  4. Include a sufficient out-of-scope section




Tech entrepreneur. Founder of: (140+ employees); (B2B marketplace); (ERP)

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Yuriy Gnatyuk

Yuriy Gnatyuk

Tech entrepreneur. Founder of: (140+ employees); (B2B marketplace); (ERP)

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